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Under skills in the screenshot we see a number of special topics that are relevant for X-Milch. These can either be colleagues who are knowledgeable in the areas, undergo advanced training, or external experts who are called in as needed.  

Important topics could be:

  • Circular Economy (how can X-milk establish more circularity?).
  • Material science (which materials can/should be exchanged for which ones?)
  • Recycling (increase recycling rate)
  • Agile working (teaching and training of new methods)
  • CO2 (find saving potentials)
  • Biomass balancing (as an example for a special technique that could be relevant) 

In the image, the Sustainability Team has been selected under "Circles" (red focus color), and now you can see in white at the top of all the other lists the elements assigned to this circle. So this team consists of:

  • The experts of the skills just mentioned. They are here as extended circle members, that means the expert for "Circular Economy" takes part in this circle if it is helpful.
  • the role of "Sustainability Manager" (this can be several people who share all ongoing projects, such as website creation or publication of the Sustainability Report).
  • a whole set of domains that are hung up here in the circle:
    • the new "Transparency Website" which makes public all the skeletons from the closet and describes exactly where you are, what you are up to, and how you plan to get there.
    • The overview of "Impact Areas" that people worked on together at the beginning and now keep adding to as they find something new.
    • Likewise, the roadmap with starting points, plans, and goals that need to be revisited regularly
    • and the sustainability report, which this team is responsible for producing.
  • the project "Getting skeletons out of the closet", for which X-Milch has set up its own team, which researches, catalogs and publishes, and which is also posted here in the circle.  


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