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Sometimes these 7 lists in standard mode do not give you the overview you need. Once the details are filled, your focus might switch towards the circles (and projects) you have created. To help you see all those circles (and projects) in one practical overview, teamdecoder offers a dedicated circle mode and project mode.

This is how you enter them:


Both modes look the same, so here we show you circle mode as an example.

Once circle mode is entered, the 7 lists of the standard view disappear and make room for this:

Every list is now a circle - the view prolongs to the right depending on the number of circles you have created. This is your teams in one page. If you want to export this to share, please use the download button on the top right of the screen.

You can change the order of the lists by dragging and dropping their names in the lists menu on top of the page here:

You can see all members of all circles - core members first, then extended members

teamdecoder thinks in roles, but you might sometimes need to think in names - if you use the toggle at the top of the page and switch it from "added as" to "people" you now see a list of names per circle, and in grey pills WHY these people are in these circles.

The toggle:

The result - sorted by people now:

At the bottom of each circle you can see the meetings this circle has planned.


Ordered by roles ("added as"):


  • "Role" indicats that "Key Account Manager" is a role
  • EXT indicated that the role is owner by an external team member
  • "Copybook" is a domain
  • that has no owner ("NO")
  • and is linked to the skill "Copywriting" - meaning that the copybook (domain) is manages by a copywriter (skill)
  • And the connection to the Sustainability Department is the repsonsibilit yof the "link" "Nachl Abt", owned by Otto (person)

Ordered by names ("people"):


  • the grey pills show with wich skill, role, domain, link the person is in this circle/project
  • the green pills like "Campfire" are simple tags, that you can use everywhere to better filter your data


And you exit circle/project mode by clicking on the red button in the top navigation.


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