How to create a support team

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Imagine you just created a role "IT support" so that everyone in your office who has an IT issue knows where to go to. So far so well known.

But then you realize that there are also people in the design team helping out when someone has a design related issue which is more than once linked to the IT issue - and then there are are also 3 people that are contacted by the regions when they want something, amongst which also IT and design questions.

This is the moment you create a support team. And this is the moment you realize you need a place where to fix this team and write down what each of them is supposed to do and how they are supposed to work together as a team and with the rest of your firm. Enter: teamdecoder

This is how it looks inside mytpt:

  • 1 team (support) - red highlight in the green "Circles" list
  • 3 roles (IT, design, regions)
  • 1 domain (the bug list where everyone can enter their ticket) 

... and then teamdecoder "translates" this team into people, who you see in the yellow list on the left, each white card contains their names and then in gray pills why they are member of this support team.  


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