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Many people in companies complain about too many meetings and too little time to actually work. That's why teamdecoder creates visibility for all meetings a person is planned to participate in, and then gives the transparency you need to decide which meeting is necessary and which is not.

Meetings can be created inside circles and projects - in the tools it looks like this:


In this example the "Sales" circle has created 3 meetings:

  • a Sales Update to exchange performance numbers, once a week for 30 minutes
  • a Sales Strategy meeting no review the way of working, this meeting takes place once a month for 75 minutes and included the "extended" team members (members of a circle can be "core" or "extended")
  • and a Sales Vision meeting (see above)

These meetings can be created in this part:


And they can be edited by cliking on the pen icon appearing on mouse over:


The editing then happens in the same fields you use to create a new meeting - it will be pre-filled with this meetings' infos. Once you're done you save by clikcing on the "Save" button:


Once these meetings are created they will appear on several occasions to create visibility:

In Circle/Project mode you can see the meetings per circle/project at the bottom of each list:


Also every person will see a list of their meetings on the right side of their personal report page:


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