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Reports are the way all team members can access the overview of all skills, roles, domains, links, circles and projects assigned to them - including purpose, tasks and objectives (clarity). And also where everyone can check who in the team is responsible for what (transparency).

Here is how reports work:

Main Condition

In order for a team member to be able to access their personal report link, you (the account admin) needs to enter their email adresses in the people tool:

How to acces the report

Once the basic info is inside the tool you can invite your team members to visit their personal report, by sharing the following link with them: 

This link is also available via - you'll find "Report" under "App" in the top navigation:

Both ways lead the user to this page, where they are asked to enter their email address - the same email address, which you have registered in their people profile:


They will then receive an email with one link (or more, if member in more than one team) that will stay valid over time and can be re-visited whenever the team member wants to check their profile:


What the report looks like

The report link brings you're team members to their personal report page - containing only the items that are relevant to them. This page basically represents this employee's job description:

Switching between ME and ALL:

Inside the report every card (skill, role, domain, links, circles and projects) can be clicked. The tool will open and display all the agreed content (purpose, tasks, other owners/members, meetings, etc.). The content can only be read - not changed. This option is limited to the moderator. 

In this image you can see what the team member sees, when she/he clicks on a circle:


  • The circle is calles KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT
  • on the left hand side the user can see purpose, tasks and a list of the meetings this circle has agreed to have
  • in the middle you can see you is lead of this circle and who is the leads stand-in (if defined)
  • then come the projexts that are currently attributed to this circle
  • and then the ADMINISTRATION to-dos that this circle has defined to keep the circle operational. Saba (the person who is currently looking at her report in this example) can see (in yellow) that her admin to-do in this circle is TEAM EVENTS
  • the last item in the middle row is TAGS. THis circle currently has no tags.
  • the column to the right hand side displays all members of this circle, so that Saba can see, who else she will work with. Here she can also see WHY the other people are here, e.g. she can see that Susanna is here because she is repsonsible for SALES OBJECTIVES in her role as HEAD OF KAM. Also she can see that the circle needs a PROJECT MANAGER, because there is the red pill NO ("no owner".
  • Saba exits the circle tool by clicking on the red X at the bottom right of the tool.
  • By clicking on the little icon on the bottom left you can open the HISTORY of this circle, displaying the changes that have been done to the content in the past.

This page will automatically update every time changes are done in mytpt.

Admin access

The teamdecoder admin or governance moderator can also access this report by clicking on the "view report" link icon in the tool of each person in the yellow list.

You need to add their email address in their card in order for them to be able to access their individual report page.





More than 1 report

if a peroson is in more than 1 team, the email will contain as many links as there are teams he or she is member in. See this article.


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