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Why create tags?

Tags show in all items and let you categorzie them beyond the pre-defined lists.


How to create tags

Tags can be created in every tool at the bottom right. By clicking on "Add a tag" a list of already existing tags pops up for you to chose from:


How to manage tags

If you have tags in the list that you wish not to see there anymore you can manage them in the tag menu under "seetings":

When you click on "Manage Tags" the tag menu opens. It looks like this:


Here you pick the tags you wish to delete by selecting the tick boxes and then clicking on "Delete Selected Tags" on the bottom right.


Tag view

One of the big benefits of creating tags is "Tag View". Once created, you can now click on any tag (= light green pills) and the dashboard will only show you items that are tagged with this specific tag. Click on red to close that view again.


Standard tags

By default teamdecoder will show you the following tags - just a proposal from our side to help you sorting your roles:

  • old - can be used for items (skills, roles, domains, links, projects, circles) that you will get rid off, eg by replacing them or by fading them out

  • new - can be used for new items that you have just introduced and want to observe for the following weeks

  • human - we're living in the times of AI, use this tag to indicate items are in control of humans

  • AI - and use this tag to indicate what skill/role is being worked by an AI

  • future - this is a great tag for items that you wish to have in the future

  • Campfire - and use this tag to mark all items you want to discuss in the next Campfire meeting




More questions? Please use the chat on the bottom right of this page or write us an email to helpdesk@teamdecoder.com

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