Team Transfer

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You can transfer a whole team from one teamdecoder account to another. This shall help freeleance tam coaches or consultants who work on a team intervention in teamdecoder, to hand over the team to the client's account once the assignment is finished.

This is how it works 

(it works in every account, every kind of license):

1 / Go to the teams tab in the top navigation:


2 / Click on "Edit Teams":


3 / This window opens:


4 / In every team you can see a little folder icon at the right with a little arrow inside. Search for the tem that you want to transfer and click on that icon:


5 / In the area that becomes visible now you have to enter the email address of the admin of the teamdecoder account to which you want to transfer the team. So, if you are a freelancer, you need to ask your client with which email address they did buy their own teamdecoder license and you use the same email address in this field:


If your client does not have a teamdecoder account, they can purchase their license at

And then?

  • if all works out as planned you will see a "success" pop up
  • the other account will receive an email, telling them that the team has been transferred to their teamdecoder account
  • you will still see the team in your list of teams, but it will be empty. You can now fill it with new data or archive it

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