Upgrade FREE to GO plan

1 min. readlast update: 06.04.2024

When you have a FREE account and want to upgrade to a GO subscription, you need to be logged into the teamdecoder app.

1. Go to https://app.teamdecoder.com and log in with your log in credentials (email and password.

2. Inside the teamdecoder dashboard click on SETTINGS in the top right corner and then on UPGRADE ACCOUNT. The menu looks like this:

The app will then directly guide you through the payment process via a STRIPE page that looks like this:

Once the payment is through, your account has been updated.

Alterntive you can click on this link to access our pricing page while still logged in to your accoutn: https://app.teamdecoder.com/pricing/ - on there you will see FREE set as "current plan" - you can go ahead and pick GO which will then bring you to the same STRIPE payment page you cen see above.

Within SETTINGS / PROFILE you can always chek the status of your account, and here is also an option to UPGRADE:


More questions? Use the livechat on all our pages or write to helpdesk@teamdecoder.com



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